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 Experienced San Antonio Eviction Lawyers for Landlords, Property Managers and Foreclosure Purchasers

Eviction Attorney for Landlord

After working for other law firms for almost a decade,  Trey Wilson founded R L Wilson Law Firm on September 16, 2005.  With just a few clients at the time, Trey quickly learned that their business interests were his. Fortunately (at least for us), our very first clients happened to own rental properties occupied by problem tenants.  As a result, we developed our evictions practice as much out of happenstance as anything.

Since those earliest days, we have handled hundreds of eviction cases in Justice Courts in Bexar County and the surrounding counties. Each month, we file and prosecute evictions for landlords located in San Antonio, across the country, across the border, and sometimes overseas.

Through our frequent work on behalf of landlords, we have become fixtures at the eviction courts, and are known to the Justice Court and County Court judges, alike. We have also forged working relationships with the “usual suspects” — the tenant-rights lawyers with active eviction defense practices.

We purposely limit our San Antonio evictions practice to representation of landlords and owners.  We also provide ongoing, regular legal representation to San Antonio’s professional property manager community and are active affiliates of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers. While many of our property manager clients are well-versed in eviction suits, they turn to us when the stakes are high, or special expertise is required.

Although we have an active evictions practice representing landlords, we are also a full-service law firm, with  a sharply-focused practice generally limited to five (5) core areas:

We primarily represent real estate brokerages, real estate investors, landowners, ranchers, homeowners associations and water utilities. However, we also undertake representation of individuals with legal needs within our core practice areas.