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Evictions for Landlords

Evictions for LandlordsOur San Antonio, Texas evictions attorneys exclusively represent Landlords, Owners and Property Managers in eviction / forcible entry and detainer (FE&D) actions, including post-foreclosure evictions.

We are the go-to eviction lawyers for San Antonio’s largest professional property management firms, but are also available to represent individual owners and investors who need their tenants gone.

We serve as the San Antonio real estate community’s one-stop resource for evicting tenants and other unwanted occupants from rental premises. We have handled hundreds of evictions and eviction appeals, and know how to get tenants out quickly.

The residential eviction process in Texas is highly nuanced, and successful removal of an unwanted occupant requires strict compliance with Chapter 24 of the Texas Property Code, and with Rule 510 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. Even minor procedural errors can result in dismissal of eviction suits, which only prolongs the period that an unwelcome party occupies your property!

The eviction lawyers at R L WILSON LAW FIRM draft and serve (hand delivery) Notice to Vacate / Notice to Quit immediately after we are hired. When this communication does not result in prompt surrender of our client’s property, we are swift to file eviction lawsuits in the Bexar County Justice Courts.

We are familiar with the Bexar County Justice Court court staff, and understand the nuances of getting eviction suits scheduled for prompt hearing. Whether the occupant of your property is a non-paying tenant, unwelcome guest, former owner, or squatter, we aggressively and respectfully enforce the Owner’s legal right to recover possession.

Our eviction lawyers meticulously prepare for each eviction trial, and are intimately familiar with the requirements of the Texas Property Code concerning evictions / forcible entry and detainer for non‑payment of rent and other lease defaults. Our preparation, experience and unwavering attention to detail result in Judgments awarding possession to landlords.