Tenant Must Pay Rent During Eviction Appeal

Often a landlord’s excitement at successfully evicting a non-paying tenant quickly turns to despair and frustration.  This usually happens when the non-paying tenant files an appeal.  Tenant eviction appeals undoubtedly result in delay of the landlord recovering possession of the rental premises. However, appeal should not result in the landlord losing additional rent while the […]

Check Out My Educational Video – Why Landlords Must Name All Tenants in an Eviction Suit

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 510.3(c) requires Landlords to NAME as Defendants (and SERVE) all tenants named in the Lease. Reliance on the language “and all occupants” is not good enough. When the Landlords fails to name a Tenant identified in the lease as a defendant in an eviction suit, that suit is usually dismissed. […]

Eviction Appeals — A Note About Timelines and Costs

I include the following Note as an attachment to my Flat Fee Contract for Eviction Appeals. It helps to set the Landlord’s’s expectations about timing and costs of eviction appeals. A NOTE ABOUT COSTS AND TIMELINES FOR EVICTION APPEALS Evictions are frustrating. The process is time-consuming and slow. It also costs money, which is like […]

Court Filing Fees for Eviction and Eviction Appeal

Court filing fees are an important part of any Landlord’s decision to appeal an unsuccessful eviction suit to the County Court. Sometimes, starting over with a new eviction is more cost-effective. Sometimes this is true, even if the Tenant was awarded costs and attorneys’ fees for defending an unsuccessful eviction in Justice Court. To determine […]