As a law firm with an active San Antonio Evictions practice, we receive several calls each week from tenants facing eviction. These tenants are seeking legal representation to defend eviction suits brought by landlords. While I’m sure that some of these tenants have good defenses to the eviction suits, our staff has been trained to […]

JP Loss Quickest Route to Landlord Eviction Win?

In the eviction world, seeing the “big picture” is critical to success. Almost every landlord pursuing eviction has the same goal: to recover possession of their property by removing the occupants as soon as possible. However, the eviction laws in Texas are such that a savvy tenant or tenant rights attorney can frustrate this objective […]

5 Eviction Blunders Landlords Should Avoid

Each week that we send a San Antonio Eviction Lawyer to Court, we are amazed at the number of unrepresented Landlords who fail in heir efforts to evict Tenants. Occasionally, the Tenant will have the law (or the facts) on their side, and the Landlord deserves to lose the case. Most often, however, the loss (and […]

Eviction Appeals: Decision of JP Court Irrelevant

In Texas, appeals of eviction suits to the County Court are conducted De Novo. This Latin phrase is translated as “starting from the beginning; anew.”  Other translations include the words “afresh” and “beginning again.” Perhaps Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 509.8(e) articulates the concept best. It states as follows: Trial on Appeal. On appeal, the parties are […]

Proposed Law Would Expunge Eviction Records

A Bill filed in the Texas Legislature today would allow courts to expunge eviction records in certain circumstances.  The proposal would also impose stiff penalties on those who publish expunged records to the detriment of a tenant. The measure, HB 1097, was filed by Rep. Terry Canales (D – Edinburg), and seeks to amend Chapter 24 of […]

How Writs of Possession Work (Part 1 of 2)

Writs of Possession are perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of the eviction process for novice landlords, and those fortunate enough to have never reached the final step of an eviction suit. Most landlords know that the ultimate objective achieved through an eviction action is a Judgement awarding recovery of real property from its occupants.  But what happens when […]

Post-Foreclosure Evictions Can be Handled with Dignity

Perhaps the least desirable aspect of our practice as San Antonio evictions lawyers is handling post-foreclosure evictions.  While we certainly recognize and appreciate the need of a Substitute Trustee Sale purchaser to obtain access and possession to property they paid cash for, we are not unsympathetic to the former owner being evicted. Indeed, even as seasoned eviction lawyers, we take […]

Possession of Property is the Only Issue in Eviction Suits

Many times, tenants or other occupants of property made the subject of an eviction suit will assert claims or defenses that are irrelevant because they are not permitted for court determination. Common arguments by eviction Defendants relate to property condition, failure of the landlord to make repairs, and landlord entry into the premises. In support of these […]