Don’t Trust Your San Antonio Eviction to a Non-Lawyer “Eviction Service”

  If you’re reading this post, you have likely navigated the elaborate web of internet pages advertising “eviction services” to end up here. Congratulations, and thank you.   Even if you chose not to hire me for your eviction, do yourself a favor by engaging  another experienced attorney and avoiding the many NON-LAWYER outfits offering […]

Eviction Suit Must Name All Tenants on Lease as Defendants

Many Landlords try to save a few dollars by naming only a single tenant, together with “all occupants,” as the eviction suit Defendants.  Unfortunately, this corner-cutting frequently results in additional delay and possibly dismissal, based upon the clear mandate of Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 510.3 The Rule is clear, and it ALWAYS applies when […]

Eviction Backfire: Attorneys’ Fee Awards to Tenants When Landlords Blunder Eviction Suits

TENANTS ARE WINNING EVICTION CASES MORE FREQUENTLY Lately, we have been inundated with calls from Landlords who have unsuccessfully sought to evict their tenants. Rather than receiving judgments for possession and recovering their properties, Landlords report entry of dismissals and Take Nothing Judgments. These unfavorable results often arise from technical deficiencies in the Landlord’s handling […]

Eviction Appeals: Decision of JP Court Irrelevant

In Texas, appeals of eviction suits to the County Court are conducted De Novo. This Latin phrase is translated as “starting from the beginning; anew.”  Other translations include the words “afresh” and “beginning again.” Perhaps Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 509.8(e) articulates the concept best. It states as follows: Trial on Appeal. On appeal, the parties are […]

Proposed Law Would Expunge Eviction Records

A Bill filed in the Texas Legislature today would allow courts to expunge eviction records in certain circumstances.  The proposal would also impose stiff penalties on those who publish expunged records to the detriment of a tenant. The measure, HB 1097, was filed by Rep. Terry Canales (D – Edinburg), and seeks to amend Chapter 24 of […]