Like  all legal proceedings, eviction suits can be expensive undertakings. Attorneys’ fees are a large component of legal expense. For this reason, landlords and tenants frequently seek to recover fees from the opposing party to an eviction action. Recovery of fees by the prevailing party is not automatic. Instead, such awards are governed by Section […]

Landlords: Please STOP Posting Notice to Vacate to the OUTSIDE of the Door

Landlords, property managers, attorneys and even judges are CONFUSED. Lately, this confusion has resulted in an epidemic of botched evictions. Observing these losses stings because they regularly occur in cases where tenants have failed to pay rent.  Bad tenants are getting away with non-payment and being allowed to remain in the rental premises every day. This is […]

Landlord May Not Interrupt Tenant Utilities

NON-PAYING TENANTS AND THE STRESS THEY CREATE Few things cause landlords as much stress and turmoil as  do non-paying tenants.  Indeed, the whirlwind of expense and emotion caused. by a tenant who expects a “free ride” can lead landlords to extreme measures. When they cannot collect rent, some landlords seek to exert pressure on tenants […]

Tenant Must Pay Rent During Eviction Appeal

Often a landlord’s excitement at successfully evicting a non-paying tenant quickly turns to despair and frustration.  This usually happens when the non-paying tenant files an appeal.  Tenant eviction appeals undoubtedly result in delay of the landlord recovering possession of the rental premises. However, appeal should not result in the landlord losing additional rent while the […]